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Casio To Release Stunning New 8.1MP Camera Phone

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With new mobile phones popping up with alarming regularity we tend to reserve reports for the ones that offer something a bit special, and Casio’s upcoming 8.1MP flip-phone certainly seems to fit.

Aside from being the world’s first 8.1MP model it also sports a 3.1″ display with an impressive 480×800 resolution, something it has been practising recently on smaller screens.

The W63CA looks just like a camera from its excellent Exilim range at first glance, and makes no bones about the fact that it is appealing to the serious photographer. There’s face detection, auto-focus, a wide-angle lens, anti-shake and automatic shooting, as well as a ‘YouTube’ VGA video mode that records at 30fps.

It’s also 3G with Bluetooth and microSD expandable memory, but if some of you are wondering why you haven’t seen many Casio-brand mobile phones up until now, that’s the crunch.

Casio doesn’t tend to delve into the mobile phone market in the UK and to reflect this, the W63CA has only been confirmed for a Japan release in November thus far.

On the flipside, the big boys that do ply a trade in our market are unlikely to let anything that looks this snazzy pass without a response, so we’re expecting to see a few slimline beauties with similar features in the near future.

source: gizmodo